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A politically liberal, semi-retired small business start-up specialist writing here an information and data based blog about the things I care about: US foreign policy, international relations in general, and the much harder questions of political economy. I will, very occasionally, indulge in other areas: a lifelong passion for history, literature and classical music.

Though I will often write about current events, I will almost never comment about political campaigns and elections or endorse a candidate.

I believe in strengthening international law, that the Washington Consensus is fatally flawed (if the income profile of the US is, in the year 2011, any indication, we may regard that question as settled), and I believe in participatory democracy over freedom of contract and property rights. The founders thought so to, by the way. This is why they scrapped the Articles of Confederation in the first place. I believe Slavoj Žižek has this right: the world is split into three political/economic systems: an European technocracy, Anglo-American neoliberalism and East Asian authoritarian capitalism. To me, it almost goes without saying that all are seriously flawed systems, though I believe the Europeans come closest to a genuine balance between the needs of the market and the needs of humanity.

Above all, I believe in the free flow of information. There is no hope whatsoever for the world without this.

Outside of Boston, Massachusetts. 30 October 2011.

I can be reached here.


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