Notebook, 24 February 2015: The Greek Reform Proposals, Annotated. UPDATE

What follows is the list of proposals submitted to the Eurogroup, as reported by Reuters. Contrary to many reports, Jeroen Dijsselbloem said that they were delivered to him on time—just another instance of the miserable reporting on Greece.
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Notebook, 27 January 2015: SYRIZA’s Next Moves

For a long time, I haven’t focused on unfolding election results like I zeroed in on last Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Greece. SYRIZA’s significant not because it a leftist government, after all, socialists have ruled in Greece for a long time, but SYRIZA has posted the first anti-establishment party I can ever recall posting a win. If the definition of radical is anyone who demands structural change in the political economy, then SYRIZA qualifies. (Radical is frequently (mis)used as a synonym for militant, and most Americans haven’t grasped the difference, even though they have been electing right-wing radicals since 1980.)
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