Notebook, 21 October 2015: What Really Built America and Why Only a Socialist Gets My Vote

It’s one of the most puerile notions I’ve ever heard that free enterprise is “the genius of America” (Barack Obama) or that it built “the greatest Middle Class in the history of the world” (Hillary Clinton). Yes, individuals and groups went out there and started businesses, the vast majority of which failed in under 3 years or were swept aside as others taking advantage of the economies of scale put them under, but that’s neither unique to Americans nor what built the middle class, because things never happen in a vacuum. Apparently, Clinton, Obama and everyone else who swallows that canard needs to return to elementary school.
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The buzz about Hillary Clinton…

N.B.: This post was written here, but posted on The European Tribune and crossposted on DailyKos. Originally published on 18 November, 2008, I’m moving it out of draft status as a matter of housekeeping and consistency.

We’ve all heard it this week, the skillfully leaked report that Senator Hillary Clinton was being considered for Secretary of State in President-elect Obama’s administration. Then, details emerged about the Senator’s quiet trip to Chicago to confer with Obama, and neither Obama’s press office nor Clinton’s staff issuing a public correction of the basic premise that she’s been offered the post. So it is probable (provided she and Bill pass the vetting process) that she will be nominated, and if so, then she will likely be confirmed as the next Secretary of State.

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